Celebrating A New Life

Oh Dear Diary, celebrating life is always a great time to come together.  Over the weekend my cuties and I attended my cousins gorgeous baby shower. We all gathered to celebrate a new baby coming to life.  In the world of Latinos we gather together make late appearances and really enjoy each other’s company.  You never go wrong when you are in a room with your loved one’s.

It was over ten years that we had not been in one room together.  So hugs and laughs made the night become heavenly.  As we celebrate a new bundle of joy we also leave unsettled sadness that we leave to the past.  I learned that you I couldn’t surround myself with toxic energy. So as a woman I have directed my life only into positive directions.  I have become a believer despite the unwanted let downs.  In life we will always rise to the top even when we feel like you are at your bottom

Fashion My Look

LuluSassyCloset: Skirt/ Scarf: Cutiez With Nietz/ Bakers: Necklace/ Forever 21: Shirt, Shoes

My Diary Readers make an entrance that will never be forgotten.  Make memories the will forever live in your heart.  Forget the unwanted pessimism and forgive to have a better future.

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