Simply Stylist NYC

Oh Dear Diary the day came and I was so nervous.  I was so happy to be part of the Simply Stylist event in NYC.  Strong women that had goals and ambition to conquer the world surrounded me.  I felt like the luckiest girl to sit in a chair next to extraordinary women.  I was happy to know some of the bloggers that attended the event. The blogger event spoke to my soul and allowed me to understand that I wasn’t the only one dreaming.

 Fashion My Look

Lulus_closet: Romper/ Mandee: Shoes/ Coco Fashion: Necklace/ Forever 21: Arm candy/ DSW: Clutch (Similar)

I learned from there wise words I was also encouraged to try to achieve higher goals. Jay Manuel spoke from the heart to urge his listeners.  I loved hearing his path to success.  He inspires me to continue on my own path of victory.   The panel spoke kindly of how triumph feels and how fulfilling life can be.  Even when life seems perfect you still try to reach a higher objective.  However they were very specific about the struggles that you have to overcome before living your dream.  I loved hearing the stories behind their success. Cat Sandler has my dream job and when I mentioned it to her she motivated me to never stop and keep going.  After the inspirational words by the panel all the glamorous stylist and bloggers shopped for exclusivity.

My diary readers, be different find your calling.  Enlighten yourself by these inspirational words by the panel.

“Pick one or two things you love and make that your business.” Lo Bosworth

“Nobody starts out where they want. Your passion will find you.” -Laurel Pinson (StyleCaster)

“Fock one or two things you love and make that your business.” Lo Bosworth

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