So Thankful & Beyond Blessed

Oh Dear Diary, thanksgiving reminds the world to be thankful.  In reality we should be thankful everyday because we are blessed with so many great opportunities.

Dressing up for thanksgiving is always a time to have an excuse to go shopping.  I love being able to dress my Cutiez in what I consider stylish.  Jayden and Josiah are my perfect accessories and I’m their perfect creator.  New pieces can also add to your closet and create a new-inspired look.  For my boys I love Gap, Children’s Place and Macys. You don’t always have to shop for a whole new outfit if you have the right accessories at home trust me you can create a perfect look. Yes! I do overdress, but honestly who doesn’t want to shine. I love being able to style with my favorite boutiques and shops.  So I decided to wear the gorgeous pencil skirt by Michelly’s Boutique with a crop top that was staring at me in my closet by Mandee.  As for shoes you can’t go wrong with a champagne color by Cece Lamour. For my gorgeous accessories I wore the fabulous necklace by Shop Prima Donna to add a pop of color that is always needed.  Yes I admit I’m a shopaholic, but I do know when to sit back and style from my own closet.

Fashion My Look:
Mandee: Crop Top (Similar)/ Michelly’s: Skirt/ Cece Lamour: Shoes/ Shopprimadonna: Necklace

I was super excited to celebrate this year’s thanksgiving.  I think that this year was one of my toughest years just because I needed to realize what  I wanted in my life and what to leave out.  I needed to chase my dreams and a new circle had to be created.  I desired to have believers on my team and I realized that I had them in my family not in the water that I considered friends.  I’m so blessed to have a strong women like my mother, a courage’s father, a fighter in my oldest brother, a loyal confidant in my sister, and most of all an understanding loving young brother.

My diary readers I have built a family of four.  Roger and I support each others dreams and most of all we are each others motivators.  With struggles, tears, laughter and most of all love.  We move forward in life without trying to look back.  I cherish every moment that brings us together.  Any obstacle that comes our way as a family we make sure that we overcome it.  Time will pass us by but as a family I want to build memories that only we can create.


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