Happy Tuesday

Oh Dear Diary, My weekend was fabulous we celebrated my mother’s birthday and my brother’s. Celebrating life is what it’s all about. Being with my family reminds me that a smile is my a perfect curve that no one can take away. I love this time of year with the leaves falling everywhere I feel like I’m blending in. I love the dark colors and especially the winter approach.  Everything is oversized or in layers.  I don’t mind layers but with my petite size everything looks just big on me.  I will try the big sweaters that overpower your face with chunky turtlenecks.  I like to be comfortable on my casual Tuesdays especially when the kids have me going around the world (Mommy Mode).  I want to be able to do my errands and still look chic yet again casual.

When you walk out of your closet and look in the mirror you want to feel inspired by your outfit.  Many years down the line from now you might hate it but trust me it still builds a memory in your stylish blog.  If you are like me the way I look uplifts me and makes me feel unique.  I love to feel good about myself even if its playing dress up for my mirror.  I styled a fitted turtleneck winter green sweater by Mandee with a pair of old navy jeans (Here).  The booties that I desired to wear were very comfortable even if they seemed high.  I actually bought them years back and never styled them.  So sometimes you have things in your closet waiting to be styled by their muse.  As for makeup a dark lip color by Maybelline always allows your face to stand out with natural makeup.

 My diary readers, remember your style is unique its something that is yours.  Don’t worry about who wears what. Worry about what you are wearing on how to make it stand out in a world full of fashionistas.  Always fashion for a picture perfect moment.  Always smile for the perfect memory.  I take anything antique over new. Happy Birthday Mommy and Lil Man 💓 Love You!

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