Exclusive Official MOBWIVES New Blood Premiere


Oh Dear diary, in the city of unexpected and big dreams.  The premiere party of the Mobwives New Blood was spectacular in the Greenhouse in New York City.  The red carpet was fierce and filled with strong women with courage’s paths.  Unexpected beautiful weather accompanied the Mobwives.  With smiles and strong appearances the gorgeous ladies posed for picture perfect moments.

The Mobwives have a history of being tough and having a powerhouse of bloodlines.  Meanwhile throughout the night Renee smiled accompanied by her gorgeous son.  Drita was so pleasant and always so fun to around she is just a one of a kind.  The New Blood Alicia and Natalie were very sweet and in addition to sexy.  The Mobwives are very spicy with attitudes. Big Ang made sure to have a personality that can be spotted anywhere.  With her amazing personality allow you to fall in love. Despite the drama on television and the rivalry the women came together and celebrated in Mob Style.  Yes you will see new faces but as Mobwives they remain to have loyalty for one another despite the rumors.  Remember they are a crew of No rat toleration.  Renee has aired her darkest era and still moves forward.  Drita, Karen, Romana, Carla, and Big Ang have remained strong during the struggles of their incarcerated loved ones.  With sacrifice comes gratification and these women have making moves on the television scenes and fashion industries.

My diary readers, never live moments in regret treasure every second and live life compared to a queen.  Make your tracks and dreams reachable.  Despite the negativity life only allows you to witness what you can handle.  Life will allow you to rejoice in what you deserve.

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