Oh My Goodies

Oh dear diary, clutter is always a nice way to do a great fashion transition. You automatically clean out the closet and take out whatever is not needed for the season you are in. It’s also a great place to find left over change and your favorite lip-glosses. What does this mean? Clutter free and amazing room for new fashionable pieces.  Where there is space there is room for love.

I’m not the type that likes new beginnings’ but the type to build memories close to my heart.  Make something out of your designs don’t let it make you something that you wish didn’t exist.  To me my closet is full of stories.  I have many different memories for every single dress and every cute outfit.  From time to time I wish I could just capture those moments and put them in snow globe.  So when I shake it up it reminds me about my passion for what I do.

Fashion My Look:
Mandee: Shirt,Shoes / Forever 21: Jeans (Similar).Earrings/ Coco Fashion: Necklace/ Macy’s: Coat (Similar) (XOXO)/Louis Vuitton: Bag

My diary readers give your dreams every ounce of passion.  Don’t let your fears guide you into settling.  Live for a better lifestyle.  Accomplish for your future.

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