Plaid Fashion Lover

Oh Dear Diary, relatable topics are made for fashion lovers.   I love to reach an audience of any age but especially mothers.  I want every woman to know that it’s hard to want to achieve priceless moment in your career.  At times you have to take no for an answer but trust me once you hear a Yes! Your life gets filled with amazing opportunities. I started blogging February of this year.  I love ever event that I have attended but most of all I love that my son cheers me on.  I don’t need cheerleaders or competitors because all that I want to accomplish is for my Cutiez.

As women we have different goals with amazing storylines. We all happen to love fashion and crafting new looks.  We are all very distinctive and have qualities that identify our personalities.  I think I set myself apart in the sense that I come home to my Cutiez for diner times or bath times.  As a mother you can lose your identity and lose your passion.  As soon as I started with my diary entries I started to believe again.  Learning how to mange being a mother, a lover, and a goal digger takes time.  You have to invest valuable time and learn how to separate the two worlds.  Design your storyline and just really enjoy the priceless moments.  Take a moment and sit back that is when the best creation comes to mind.  Be fearless with your taste for fashion.

Fashion My Look:
Mandee: Blazer/ Lolashoeotique:Booties/ Forever 21: Sweater( Similar), and Skirt(Similar) / Princess P. Jewlery: Necklace 

My Diary Readers, my advice for future bloggers is to always have fun with it.  Yes the negativity comes with it. Just focus on yourself and your loved ones. God will manifest greatness through you and your destined path.  Believe in yourself that is key because you won’t have anyone cheering you on.  Follow my journey on Instagram: MommiezByble 💗

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