Unwrapping & Waiting For A New Year

Oh Dear Diary, growing up we always celebrated Christmas Eve.  My mother would always start preparing the food the night before.  I remember always being so excited to have a break from school and sleeping late.  I have always loved the holidays especially Christmas.  This year was a little different my parents planned an amazing vacation to Mexico.  I was really sad not to have them around. So my sister, two brothers and our partners were not going to let the celebration die out.  We gather together at my parent’s house and we prepared our favorite meals.  I swear memories are made to last a lifetime.

We do presents  a little different because we only buy for the kids.  I wish it were like this when I was growing up.  Watching my Cutiez open presents gives me life as a mother.  My niece is the cutest she beings joy into the room. We are a small Brady bunch but we spend big.  Holidays are meant to be with your loved ones.  Appreciating the countless blessings that we encounter daily.  A new year is around the corner and this mommy is ready for change.  I want to celebrate life, achievements and most of all my dear family.

My diary readers love not because you need to be loved. Love because it’s worth knowing the definition of passion.  Be honest with yourself and just manifest into a powerhouse that can shine in someone’s life.  Follow my journey Instagram: MommiezByble

Youtube: MommiezByble

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