In Love With The Holidays

Oh Dear Diary I been away for a little bit busy with the holidays.  I wake up everyday with a to do list.  I been very blessed to see my Cutiez enjoy every second of the holidays.  I have witnessed myself growing as a women and loving life for what it offers my family and me.

Fashioning for me has always been a way of expression.  I try to stand out of the box.  I’m not your ordinary woman I consider myself an extraordinary mother.  I believe that once you have reached a level of success in your career everything that you deserve follows.   Styling is an art but your fashion is a statement.  Good or bad your style is complementary to who you are. Making choices in my life are based on my kids.  I can’t ever go back to selfish ways. Today I live for them.

My Diary readers you are famous for your worth.  Be notorious for what stays at home.  Throughout my years of fantasy I have witness future successes and myself worth.

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