New Beginnings With 2014

Oh Dear Diary, I was truly inspired with 2013.  I felt like I blinked and I was able to experience many opportunities that I only dreamed with. As a blogger I meet amazing entrepreneurs, designers and valuable people.  As I write today for 2014 I can say that I was blessed during 2013.

Many doors opened for me as a new blogger and I thank the amazing people who truly felt my passion.  With a city dream this mommy dreams from home.  I have grown so much!  I have realized the type of mother, friend and women that I can be.  I noticed that, Yes I can!  Lessons have been learned and the truth has revealed.  When I’m home I’m a mommy, lover, sister, friend and daughter.  So as a write on my blog I give you an insight into my world. My world I have kept private for a long time.  Today and for my future entries I want you to feel my love for what I love to do. Which are fashion, styling, attending events and interviewing my favorite celebrities.  Yes I love it all I dream big but I do believe that I have a destined path that is made to shine.  My gorgeous sequins dress shows you my passion for shining.  My style is made to give me hope in what I choose to believe in.   Follow my journey on Instagram MommiezByble💋

My Diary Readers, love your life for everything that you have accomplished.  Love yourself for everything that is in store for you.  It’s just the beginning for me I want to see where this passion of mine leads me.

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