Create Your Own Fairytale

Oh Dear Diary, I lived my life based on fairy tales.  I swear I watched to many Disney movies.  I always wanted to be a princess with my prince charming and have a fairytale life.  I grew up and to my realization I can compare my life to a fairytale.  I been in love with the man of my dreams and I truly love my two amazing boys that steal my heart everyday.

When you put an outfit together you create a story.  I try to create my own with no one else’s vision.  Comparing is not something I do; I try to look at myself as a work of art that needs a touch up.  So my accessories are the perfect touch up especially when they are from Princess P. Jewelry.  Casual is always a perfect way to look during these crazy weather changes in Jersey.  A Blazer with a pair of booties never seems to go wrong.  I love to have natural makeup during the winter because really just dries up.  for my hair I decided to do a fair tale braid that can remind me of my childhood.

My Diary Readers, don’t escape out of the world that you deserve.  Fight for what you believe in.  Never let go of any dreams that can create the unimaginable.


  1. I love this look! I’m all about these fairy princess tees

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