Free Hugs

Oh Dear Diary, I’m heading down my road right or wrong.  I always play for keeps its my New Year attitude. I have a desire to breathe fashion.  My soul is full of courage to accomplish my goals.  God knows I’m worthy and I could turn my dreams into reality.  I just need to believe that I’m capable to do the impossible.  I did no wrong in falling in love with the art of creating looks that inspire me to continue my path.

What did I do to myself?  What did I create?  Sometimes it’s hard to escape my world.  Yes! Escape but every time I give it one more try I always inspire myself to continue at my craft.  Like Beyoncé said, “I’m been drinking and thinking” and at this point I’m invisible.  I can’t keep my eyes of the prize because I desire what I’m destined for.  Free hugs and kisses to the precious boys that deserve the world.  I try to go for casual looks when the boys are having super bowl weekends parties with their daddy. I loved my super cute shirt by Mandees and Charlotte Russe adorable jeans. As a shoe addict i can’t get away from my perfect nude shoes by forever 21.  Accessories drive to a princess level so i love my Princess P. Jewelry with my perfect earring from forever 21.  I love to create the casual look with a flirty twist of styling.

Fashion My Look:
Charlotte Russe: Jeans (Similar)/ Mandee: Graphic Shirt/ Forever 21: Shoes,Earrings/ Jewelry: Princess P. Jewelry

My Diary Readers, splurge in what deserves your attention.  Let go of what brings you down.  Invest your time on the worthy and don’t look back because letting go is the key to success.  I’m inspired by Joel Osteen quote, ” I have the strength, I have the courage, I have the DNA of a champion.

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