Oh Dear Diary, I’m already feeling the valentines looks everything I been wearing has a splash of red.  A chic outfit is always prefect for a date with your favorite girls. If there isn’t a special guy in mind a girl’s night in is the way to go.  Trust me there is always a group of girls that willing to eat ice cream all day and watch Carrie Bradshaw Diaries marathons.  Dressing up and playing with makeup might sound like a night for young girls slumber parties.  However, as a fashionista a night like this is made to inspire new looks. Mac cosmetics and Maybelline are my new best friends alongside L’Oreal Mascara a way to have a flawless face with a night in with your girls.

I have been a lucky girl to have my cuties and hubby for the past years.  I’m always treated like a princess but on this day the love is showcased with cards and gifts.  So yes it is a luxury to have your better half and you precious children around.  Nevertheless it’s also awesome to be young and indulge in the beauty of friendship and embracing women that are building like powerhouses.  Happy is where love is, love is where true friendships are made.

Fashion My Look:
Mandee: Sweater/ Charlotte Russe: Jeans/ Forever 21: Shoes, Earrings

My diary readers enjoy every hardship that is presented in your life. You learn and grow from it.  Life is made to enjoy even if at the end you stand-alone.  It’s ok to be by yourself if it’s in good company.  My father always said, “ Better alone than with an enemy that pretends to be your friend.”  Follow my journey MommiezByble Instagram💗

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