My Happiness

Life travels at lightning speed in my opinion. So I try to enjoy what life puts in my path.  As adults we get caught up with life responsibilities and become so busy to acknowledge a precious moment. I’m truly blessed by the love that my boy’s give me day-to-day.  There love is unique, pure, and innocent it travels through my soul. Knowing that when I wake up every morning I have to little cuties giving me hugs and kisses. Times like these are priceless and their love is unconditional.

Hugs, kisses, gifts, dinner and many more crafts are a perfect reflection of what my valentines resembles.  I decorate my home especially during a holiday that has so much meaning to us.  My passion is my kids; my love is Rogers; and I love my perseverance as a women.  I learned through life lessons, as my circle gets smaller.  Not because I choose it’s really because I have outgrown what no longer fits to my new lifestyle.  Behind the camera lens is the man who I consider my friend, my love and the man who believes in me.  Yessenia Ramos is the woman who writes her diary entries to my beautiful readers.  Behind the scenes I’m a mother of two.  As a fashionista pictures describe my style and define my love for art. Behind my doors I try to keep “Private” nowadays. I want to preserve the innocence of what meant means the world to me, my kids.

Fashion My Look:
Michelley’s Boutique: Dress/ Mandee: Necklace/ Forever 21: Shoes

Don’t ever judge a picture because behind a smile is a strong women like me deteriorating is not my style. Embracing change is my  new trend so I follow where life leads me.   I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. ❤️ Please yourself follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_

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