Sarah Jessica Parker Shoe Line

Shoes make you feel like the person you want to be.  I became amused by the great show Sex In The City. It’s been a perfect show that would let you escape into a world of fashion. Sex in The City described love for beauty/fashion it gave light to women who experienced life just like the rest of us. Sarah Jessica Parker entertained an audience with her desire for trend. Sarah’s illustrated a character that was beauty beyond fashion. Sarah portrayed a friend, lover, and a loyal fashion lover. Every episode that aired showcased a taste for fashion that was daring. A style that was appealing to the women that wanted to reinvent themselves.  The show gained popularity because it showed a side of woman that everyone craved to be.  With the shows enormous admiration everyone wanted to dress like them.   I wanted a piece of Jessica’s closet including her great friends like everyone else.

Sarah Jessica Parker with a mogul life style created my new obsession.  A shoe line that everyone is anxious to wear.  No one can create dream-like shoes like Jessica.  Sarah is the woman who created a fantasy through television.  A mother and a wife with a busy schedule who allowed every women to fall in love with her upcoming shoe line.  The new season of the Carrie Diaries is for a young generation but it seems like it’s been a hit with any generation.  Sarah even named one of the shoes The Carrie shoe because it describes one of her favorite people; The Lady is a shoe that is classic and red; The Etta is a shoe that has the perfect heel so you can look gorgeous and comfortable; The Alison is out of the box it’s a bootie that translates sexy; and my favorite The Billie a low-cut pair of flats that is chic and comfy.

Parker was inspired by her past. She partnered up with George Malkemus, president of  Manolo Blahnik USA. The line will be sold with none other than Nordstrom.   One of the shoes resembles the black Manolos from the famed Vogue closet episode of “Sex and the City.”  I hope you dolls are ready to shop February 28, 2014.

The Tanny
“ I love the French blue. It’s slightly different tone from navies.  Both the color and shape of this ankle-strap shoe look incredibly sexy on the foot.” $350

The Silvia
“ This, to me, is the classic special-occasion shoe, It suits many important events in the woman’s life.  The heel height makes it comfortable enough to wear all day long.” $345

The Maud
“ I’m into the idea of using multiple hues to create a unique neutral effect. This heel can go with lots if colors and even patterns.  I’m so pleased with how soft the weave feels.” #375

The Wallace
“ I have been wanting to do a shoe like this forever, and now I can’t believe we actually were able to do it, especially in this beautiful purple berry color combination.” $250

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