Pretty in Pink

Believing is the concept of a career.  I choose to believe that I can so I will.  My life reflects on my kids.  My moves are made to succeed in life and make them proud.  As a mommy it’s no longer about who you are.  The person you mold into is the person that your children will grow old and talk about. I center myself on what I want for my family and counting my blessings.  Piece of mind is what I started with this year.  I want to build my empire around my children.  I want to grow into a woman who loves life as much as life loves me.

It’s been a brutal winter and I’m beginning to think about moving out-of-state.  I’m a jersey girl at heart but wherever my family goes I go.  The streets are covered in snow the temperature feels below average.  Sometimes I even can’t bear it; I secretly hate the snow.  Snowmen are cute and fun to build, but when you no longer have space to build it’s hard.  So trying to take pictures with the beauty of nature has been a little difficult. Picture moments can’t include heaters in the outdoors.  So I have limited my outdoor picture moments.  I jump out of the car and snap a couple of shoots and run back in.

Fashion My Look:
Mandee: Blazer; Necklace; Shoes /Makeup: Coloured Draine Lipstick; Whitening Lightning Brow Bar to Go

Comfy is a lifestyle and when I’m off to a movie with the boys I want to be able to care them if I have too.  So I have loved everything that is oversized this year.  So I chose to wear a cute pink oversized blazer by Mandee with the perfect jeans.  The shoes remind me of the perfect Valentino shoes.  However I’m a great lover of discount from Mandees.  Similarity comes with a price change and this mommy loves.  I added a great necklace that gives and illusion of chic also by Mandees.   Pastels are great especially if you want to add a pop of color with your makeup.   I love wearing bright lip colors by Coloured Draine (X-Pose) and especially love the Eyebrow bar to go by Whitening Lightning.  Follow My Journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_ 

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