Behind The Scenes

Being around so many amazing people really gives me the motivation to keep doing what I love.  Especially because I realize that I’m really good at what I do Fashion/Beauty.  I celebrate my little milestones and cherish every memory. At times I really don’t want to blink because I want to capture every great accomplishment.  I never thought that I would be were I’m today.  Behind the scenes of my photo shoot celebrating the woman who I’m.

Don’t ever be hostages to your own secrets. Learn that everyone lives a life with a challenge. You learn to heal within time. I have two young boys and a beautiful niece. I never want anyone them to hurt or even come close to breaking their heart. I believe I’m there protector!  The world is full of uncertain characters so my mission is make them believe like I did.

I want to raise my children to understand that a judgment comes with victory. Love comes with heartbreak and honesty comes with loneliness. I want them to break barriers and build a foundation that they can shape a lifestyle that they would be proud of. We live in a world that social media controls. Make sure that you protect what’s dear to your heart.

They say that you should let your triumphs make the noise. Unless you are asked take your precious moments to your dreams and forget about sharing. Don’t be consumed on who’s doing what. Love your present glories and celebrate for future joys. Follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_

Fashion My Look:
Kardashian Kollection: Boyfriend Jeans; Blouse, Purse/ Forever 21: Shoes

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