Hey Khloe Kardashian

A replica is never the best but a great imitation is worth looking at. I have been obsessing over Khloe Kardashian new looks. Khloe has been making fashion statements all over the scenes. Chic; sexy; glamorous and fabulous you name it and Khloe is wearing it. I feel in love with the gorgeous Betty boo similarity that she has and most of all her honest personality

Khloe Kardashian inspired me to style a jumpsuit with a complete look. From head to toe a nude look that everyone wanted to catch a peek of. Natural and chic was accomplished by the beauty Khloe. So why not make a new picture perfect moment for my wardrobe. I styled a gorgeous jumpsuit by Michellys Boutique with the never out of style gorgeous shoes by Forever 21. As for makeup natural with a sun kissed look was picturesque. The lipstick that I used was the Liptonize by Colouredraine. The hair I kept it with a beach wave especially because spring has come to play.

Style and play with creative trends and make them your own. My finished look was red carpet ready. Get inspired by what’s in your closet and buy a trending piece that will add the pop you need. Fashion is forever so make everyone fall in love with a piece that is styled by you. Follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_


  1. that jumpsuit is beyond fab!

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