OOTD With My Kleenex Style

So spring is finally here and the winter is not over. Jersey is becoming the North Pole. The boys have been so sick this winter and I guess its time for the allergies. Not fun but why not in style with the new Kleenex spring line. I swear cute outfits have to be photographer inside your home now. I have been able to capture perfect moments with the boys from our lovely home. I feel like a home is a foundation and you are able to style it to your taste. Eye-popping colors are my must have inside my home décor. From chic to modern my home is spring ready. I love anything that brings out my style. Kleenex is my favorite tissue brand from soft texture to adorable fashion. How can we celebrate a 90th birthday? I know in style.

With trending outfits and flawless makeup you need the perfect accessory and mines has become my “on the go” Kleenex. To be honest I recently just learned that Kleenex was originally a makeup remover (Cold Cream Remover). They are the perfect size to fit in any fashionable purse. I’m a mommy on the go so I have to make sure that everything at home is picture perfect. The Kleenex spring line has been the impeccable item to keep in my home because it fits right in.  With the new stylish boxes the Kleenex brand is made for Beauty Beyond Fashion.



A home full of boys only means a mess! My plan is to keep them clean with the softest tissue’s ever. The colors are brilliant and faultless for the spring. Make sure to bring out your style with Kleenex create your own.  Introduce yourself to an adult line created by you  ant play the game. I watched this cute one-minute video and i would love for you to do the same! Take the quiz and see what styles are for you.  Follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_ #KleenexStyle



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