Pre-Fabb Soirée Sexy Hair💁

Big hair with a fabulous outfit creates a magical evening. “Who said nights are for sleep?” Not in LA no sleep for my blogger friends. We live a fast paced life with dreams on our minds. I was able to attend the glamorous event that styled dazzling looks. My inner Marilyn Monroe was out to play.

My style for the night was big hair and red lips. The red lips gave a classic look; the black and white embellished my style. I was pleased to finally meet my Instagram friend who is fierce with his style Javone. We wanted to collaborate together and finally with no alerts we paired a matching outfit for our journey with Lucky Fabb. The Duplex restaurant had a great and trendy look. Dinner and drinks ended the amazing Soriee. However our fashion was viewed through the trendy Duplex restaurant. With Javone on my side he made sure to catch anyone’s attention. From his fitted blazer to eye-popping fabulous shoes.

Fashion My Look:

Mandee: Crop Top| Love Culture: Skirt| DSW: Shoes| Mac: Lipstick RiRi

Style is your own; no one can ever take that from you. Life is made to create and explore. With my journey I want to transform into the beauty the can be seen within me. Never fail to have the best team on your side. Especially when their style is comparable to yours. Follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_

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