LuckyFabb Day 1

Faith is destined and mistakes can still be made. Nature is like poetry it shows you a story and it’s up to you to pay attention. I have enjoyed my journey through bumps and tears. This mommy never fails I will be the kind of mother who will accept a couple of nos to find my yes. I want to be an example to my children and to my followers. Stay true to who you are and pat yourself in the back even when times are tough. Coco Roche, Aimee Song, Nicole Riche, Karolina Kurkova all have two thing in common hatters and success.

Failure is not and option when you believe. So remember that you will never have cheerleaders on you side line. You have to motivate yourself! You have to make the correct choices in your career to be able to move forward. Nasty Gal stated “Don’t act like you arrived when you just got the invitation.” I promise you my dear readers learn to stay humble despite the great opportunities that come your way. No one likes to see a person who looks up to you and you give the cold shoulder. Learn from beginnings and make sure that every ending is remembered.

Fashion My Look: 

Love Culture: Crop Top; Skirt| Coco Fashion: Watch| Forever 21: Shoes; Earrings| Kardashian Kollection: Shades| Colouredraine: Lipstick: Confection

Give your audience the real you because if you don’t it will be like a window. People will see right through you. Manifest who you are and the rest will be put into your path so greatness will evolve.

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