Blogger Brunch Hosted By Lucky Fabb

A beautiful brunch ended my two-day conference with LuckyFabb. The atmosphere was pleasant and relatable. Every beauty was stylish and no one was comparable. A beautiful sunny day in LA with goals in mind. I was pleased to have attended the LuckyFabb event for many reasons. The main reason being that I love to get to know everyone’s story and what drives him or her to keep dreaming.

The SLS was gorgeous and the chef was extraordinary. The appetizers that made their way around the hotel were beyond tasteful. Besides the amazing food I had great company. Rogers Perez my love accompanied me like a true believer and my two great friends enjoyed every second of LA with me Kyrzyda Rodriguez, and Lissette Pierdas. I was also pleased to see my gorgeous friend Naty Michele who I enjoyed the night life with.  Good friends are hard to find in the media world; so when you do share memories and smiles make sure to cherish the ones beside you. Networking is key in the blogger world. A business card and a fabulous outfit could get you recognized. My style will never be the same to someone else’s. I love the feeling of inspiring and getting to know what is your core. I don’t want to blend in as a blogger I want to be different and daring. To me being the same is boring! As a woman I don’t like to be bored.

Safe is not my style but unique is something I’m willing to be. Expose yourself to new ideas chase your dreams. In a world full of bloggers you don’t have to fit in. Trust me that’s the best part of it is being you. Follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_ 

Fashion My Look: 

Kardashian Kollection: Sunglasses; Purse| Forever 21: Skirt ( Similar) | Mandee: Blazer| Coco Fashion: Watch| BriaStyles: Necklace| DSW: Shoes (Fergie)


  1. such a beauty! glad you had fun! xo jess

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