I Heart LA ♥️

I am a beginner at my craft but an old lover for my passion. Being a young girl I thought dreaming and believing was only manifested in fair tales. I realized that I wanted a fairy tale of my own. Surrounding myself by extraordinary entrepreneurs reminds me that Yes I Can! If they believed and have conquered. So can I! I leave my safely net back home. So when I’m here chasing a dream in LA I’m will not be stopped.

Fashion My Look:

Dear Hannah: Maxi Dress/ Vintage: Leather Jacket/ Forever 21: Sandels (Similar)/ Kardashian Kollection: Hand Bag, Sunglasses/ BriaStyles: Necklace

Giving yourself the entitlement to believe that you have what it takes is a major step. Letting go of insecurities and fears only allows you to feel Unbreakable.

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