One Must Always Be Different

Marilyn Monroe in my eyes had a great presence and was simply sexy. I think you should always be the best you can be. You should always say something to yourself that won’t allow you to give up. Swallowing your pride and having thick skin makes criticism seem so petty. I think that different is the best that someone can be.

In the middle of the night I want to dress up and let a picture express my love. I styled a Marilyn Monroe T-shirt with ripped skinny jeans by Mandees. With my forever 21 pointy black heels that truly are so comfy. My accessories included my Coco Chanel pouch from Kitson and a chain necklace from Coco Fashion. I think that a casual look can be worth a thousand words. However my look stated “One Must Always Be Different”__ Coco Chanel

Fashion My Look:

Mandee: Skinny Jeans;T-Shirt

Coco Fashion: Necklace

Forever 21: Heels

Kitson LA: Pouch

Luxury For Princess: Extensions

Whitening Lightning: Brow Bar To Go (Coupon Code Yessenia 25% off Entire Purchase)

 Colouredraine: Lipnotize

Your Style is a great representation of who you are. Whatever you choose to do in life make sure that you put your magical touch. Style yourself; with the beauty that is created within you.  Set yourself apart by being you! Fashion your world with beauty. Follow my journey BeautyBeyondFashion_

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