The Pink Party With Giuliana Rancic

Happy Wednesday I’m so thankful for the blessing in the making. I was pleased to attend the fabulous “Pink Party” hosted by Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus NJ. Special guest Giuliana Rancic founder of Fab-U-Wish hosted a night full of strong women with courage built-in them. Amazing survivor stories made the night burst with beautiful women. Cancer is so close to home! As women we fight everyday to have a great life for our children.  To hear the words “Cancer” I couldn’t even imagine the pain.  When Giuliana started reading the survivors struggles and outcomes she choked . Everyone in the room could only applaud the great cancer fight that these beautiful women dealt with.  The best part for me was watching them smile for an opportunity to be pampered and gifted with a luxury stay away from home. I was delighted to attend the event with my beautiful friend Naty Michele and by my side the love of my life Rogers Perez. We had a great time seeing everyone smile and cheer for health. Everyone also enjoyed the great appetizers and fantastic drinks.

Today is the present that you will learn from. Time is valuable even when you close your eyes. The person that you want to become should always be someone who can be proud of. Staying honest to yourself and to your dreams will open doors for you. I never want to look back and say I wasn’t proud of a moment. I want to look forward and glorify every second. In the meantime celebrate that you are better in the path you have chosen.

Opportunities will arrive when you are not looking. Blessing with manifest because your work really speaks for itself. I have learned that if I ask for anything in life I have to go out and make it happen. I started my blog almost a year ago! Omg time flies. I felt like I lost the old me and found a better women inside me. I’m simply enjoying an honest growth as a mother, women, and friend. Love is about finding yourself and giving the same type of love to the ones who always make you smile. I want to collect moments to live for. I’m the owner of my dreams and I want to live in my own mystery of success.

Fashion My Look:
Once Upon A Skirt: Floral Jumpsuit/ DSW: Fergie Heels; Clutch/ Coco Fashion: Watch/ Luxury For Princess: Hair Extensions/ Whitening Lightning: Lipgloss (Coral Craze) Brow Bar To Go

Live, Love, & Laugh! Follow my journey BeautyBeyondFashion_

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