Miss USA Promo!

With dreams in mind my dear Co-Host Derek Zagami and I only have one mission. To hear the voices of those who are making dreams a reality. We love to get behind the mind of a dreamer so on camera you get a glimpse of our personalities. I describe myself as a person who loves to hear a story. I try to convenience anyone that being optimistic will bring so much positivity into your life. I think that Derek is a young Derek Zagami in the making. So watch out world because he is here to stay. A young visionary with a pretty great resume can only inspire the next dreamer to work as hard. As a team we are here creating a dream.  So catch a glimpse of our work as we get behind the scenes.  Miss USA 2014 is great way to hear actually beauties talk about hard work and vision.  Stay Tune for Miss USA 2014 Barton Rouge, Louisiana.  Yessenia Ramos and Derek Zagami take our cameras behind the scenes.

Fashion My Look:

Once Upon A Skirt: Crop Top; Shorts/ DSW: Heels (BeBe)/ Luxury For Princess: Hair Extensions Discount Code: (Yessenia) / Whitening Lightning: Brow Bar To Go; Lip Gloss: Coral Craze; BB Creme Illumination Plus; Discount Code: (Yessenia)

Smile with no fear! Never keep any emotions inside always smile bright and look forward. Remember to visualize with great expectations in the making. Love who you are and focus on your aspiration. Follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_

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