A LifeStyle

I have everything I want I have a roof on top of my head and that is all I need. I thank the Lord for giving me everything I could dream of. Forever and ever I’m so grateful for my beautiful children and the story that I live to tell.

Learn the beauty of life notice the rainbows without the rain. Make a hallway for happiness in your heart. Always bring a message out to the world that will inspire and will be recreated. There are no lonely days with great dreams. Love me for today love me for tomorrow. Never end your day without loving yourself.

Fashion My Look:

Once Upon A Skirt: Jumpsuit/ DSW: Heels/ Luxury For Princess: Hair Extensions Discount Code: (Yessenia) / Whitening Lightning: Brow Bar To Go; Lip Gloss: Candy Apple; BB Creme Illumination Plus; Discount Code: (Yessenia)/ Shop Prima Donna: Necklace

Wide awake exploring a world full of beauty. I been able to navigate my options as a women and find a better me. As style changes so do I… I love who I have become even better I love who I am. Follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_

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