My treasure

I’m wiser and older I think that I’m perfectly fine. As time passes all of us by make certain to take the time to execute your dreams. Don’t become busy to believe in yourself. When the world tries to drown you rise above it all. Give your all to your loved ones. Give all to your passion and keep blossoming. Don’t let the world beat you down scream with a desire. You can want it bad but you have to work twice as hard.

I have become a huge believer of letting go and better will come. In life you have to find yourself before you can love others. Struggles come into your life only to make you stronger. Nothing is put in your destiny to make you weak it always comes with a lesson. Fashion your destiny! Love yourself with a desire to love others. Frame yourself with loved ones.

Fashion My Look:

Once Upon A Skirt: Crop Top/Skirt| Mandee: Sandals| Capwell+Co.| Forever 21: Clutch| Luxury For Princess: Hair Extensions (PROMO CODE:YESSENIA)|Whitening Lightning: Brow Bar To Go; Lipgloss: Coral Craze (PROMO CODE:YESSENIA)

Make a style so different that no one can compare. Change your life for a better tomorrow. Don’t open doors to anybody that comes knocking! Be selective. Follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_

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