Celebrating Khloe

Life is full of surprises but the best part of life is that you can turn any rainy day into a fabulous affair. This past weekend we celebrated my sisters baby shower. As a family we are super excited for little Khloe to arrive. So with glamorous people arriving from all over jersey we needed to have a fantastic decor. With my sisters fabulous ideas she put her Beauty team to work.

With laughter and drinks the night seemed whimsical. Passion comes with creating. Everyone in the room came together to enjoy a new life. In life we all have a purpose dedicating ourselves to our dreams and beliefs makes life a little bit easier. As a new life arrives you can only be contained with happiness until a new birthday is pronounced.

Love life as if it will be stolen from you. Enjoy seconds and minutes because tomorrow is never promised. Love without limits! Follow my journey BeautyBeyondFashion_

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