Let’s Shine Day 2

Looking out my window and staring at the beauty that Baton Rouge had to offer was magical. Miles away from home following a dream! As a mother I have to balance many things. I have chosen a path of dreaming. I want everyone that surrounds me to cheer me on and believe in my passion.

Derek Zagami and I flew miles to cover the beauty behind Miss USA. As we interviewed the fabulous celebrities and contestants we were able to capture picture perfect moments. Yes it was over 90 degrees but beauty means pain no matter what temperature it is. My makeup was melting of but glamorous images were captured. For makeup I love natural looks with my WhiteningLightning lip-gloss in the color (Coral Craze). I love being able to take a casual look and making it my own. I accessorized a perfect pink dress with a classic hat by forever 21 & a flawless necklace by Capwell+Co. As for my sunglasses I wanted a daring look from ZeroUV. The heels perfectly made the look chic with a street style that Baton Rouge had no seen.

Fashion My Look:

Forever 21: Dress;Hat/ Zara: Heels/ Capwell+Co: Necklace/ ZeroUV: Sunnies/ WhiteningLightning: Coral Craze/ Luxury For Princess: Extensions (Butterscotch 260)

Get inspired by the beauty that you emulate. Create your own canvas! Be liked for who you are, not for who you are pretending to be. Follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyond Fashion_ as I create show-stopping moves. Stay Tune For Miss USA full coverage.


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