Birchbox National Lipstick Day

The world and I celebrated National Lipstick Day with Birchbox at the new brick-and-mortar store in New York City. The store was filled with beauty and amazing must haves. Many beauty lovers like myself shopped and where pampered by Amika (Hair), we ate delightful appetizers by STK. I officially have become a lipstick addict; I tried on every color you could think of. The best part was the texture they were smooth and easy to come of. A girl’s best friend! All the products that displayed i was able to test out.  i truly love quality and the Agave Oil was pure perfection.

I think the trick of the night was to look fearless with stylish. Feeling comfortable with who you are and styling that smile. Being a dare-devil by adding colors that you would not normally add the ones that you tend to stay away from. Super bright or matte whatever shade fits your mode of the day make sure to be daring. Curly, straight hair, or a fishtail brings out your personality. Bring your beauty to the surface of who you really are. Never opt for safe because within you there is a woman already naturally beautiful.

Beauty is life so no matter how much you try to stay away from something you fear stick around because you might just fall in love. When there is life there are dreams. So my beauty lovers don’t forget why you started dreaming. Follow my journey BeautyBeyondFashion_

Fashion My Look:

Dress/Clutch: Studio Suite201

Heels: DSW (Similar)

Extensions: Luxury for Princess

Necklace: ShopPrimaDonna

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