Time is Priceless

Reminiscing on my summer days Date look/ Mommy Look

I little sneak peek into the summer days. A rainy day and I’m already missing my summer dresses. I miss summer so much because I’m trapped shooting at home. I swear if I can have the perfect 80-degree weather it will truly feel amazing. Not only do I miss shooting outside but also I miss running around the playground and watching my children enjoy the beach.




Furthermore, cheers to the mommy’s that make the best out of staying home in these crazy snowy/rainy days. Having activities for the little ones at home is a fulltime job. Seriously mommy’s how many movies plus coloring books can we watch and do? Lately, I feel like winter can be so overpowering, Jersey is not longer my cup of tea. So lets see where this mommy ends up on her journey to dreaming.






Don’t forget my readers enjoy today because as we can see tomorrow is not a guarantee. So if you wish follow my journey( Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_) I hope to make this year very entertaining.


Fashion My Look: 

Date Look:      

Forever 21: Dress ( No longer on site)/ Heels (Similar)

Marshalls: Blazer

Coco Fashion: Clutch

Whitening Lightning: Nude (Promo Code:Yessenia)

Essie Nail Polish: Bikini So Teeny 

Luxury For Princess: Butterscotch 


Mommy Look: 

Zara: Bag

Juicy Couture: Necklace

Whitening Lightning: Fiji (Promo Code: Yessenia)

Essie Nail Polish: Bikini So Teeny 

Luxury For Princess: Butterscotch

DSW: Sandals (Similar)


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