Don’t Grow Weary


So yes, winter is very depressing I have decided to just reminisce on my blog post. I have been absent from my site for many reasons. But now I’m back and I’m so happy to give you my readers a glimpse back into my world.

So on this day I remember just being overwhelmed with emotion and just thinking how short life can be. Life lessons can harden you. My advice is don’t let them; enjoy the moments and memories. Make life fun with the great people that surround you. Play a part in your that the future you will proud of. So with that being said make your life the best pool party yet.











Don’t lose sight of what life should be instead of what it could be. Stay grounded and laugh as loud as you can. Follow my journey my dear readers

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Fashion My Look: 

Coco Fashion: Crop Top
Social By Suite: Clutch
21HmBoutique: Bracelet (Promo Code: Yessenia)
Luxury For Princess: Butterscotch Extensions (Promo Code: Yessenia)
Wet N Wild: 213C On a Trip
Whitening Lightning: Lipgloss Pouty Princesse (Promo Code: Yessenia)
DSW: Heels (Similar)
Princess P. Jewelry: Chunky Necklace
ZeroUV: Sunglasses

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