Glamming at the Derby

Big hats and lace are not so bad actually I kind of like the idea. On a beautiful day and the perfect color combination. I was invited to attend a Derby; I was super excited to attend with some of my favorite blogger friends (Naty, Nadia, & Erika). The racetrack total changed with the ladies attire, super glam and stylish. As we walked around the grounds, we took a chance at luck.







As newbies we went ahead and placed out bets. With the lucky numbers at hand; one of us was the lucky girl with number 7. A day filled with excitement only made me wonder how the cuties behaved at home. With great memories to build surrounded by creative women only made me think that life hands you a dose of joy. You have to always make it sparkle and learn to enjoy the present.




My readers remember to do things with love and spend a second loving again and again. Make racetracks your runways don’t look back.

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