Little Red Riding Hood

I think I grew up watching so many movies and it always had a fairy tale ending.  As a little girl I always dreamed of her prince charming.  I wanted to grow up to have a princess fairytale life.  It turned out a little different; I can compare myself to little red riding hood because I feel like I have huge heart but I’m always running away from the wolf.  I smile for everything, but at times like everyone we have stages that can be life changing.


Making mistakes in life is part of the territory so I have convinced myself to find joy in every venture that I seek.  This look was very playful it an ordinary cold day after church.  The boys ran around the park as I posed. However I had great company by the amazing dog that decided to photo bomb me.  Yes photo bomb!   Think that the unexpected shots are the best.  



My look was very playful with the red cape and the perfect skater skirt by Forever 21. The heels had the perfect hint of gold and of course my luxury extensions added the glam. As for makeup a natural look with my favorite lipgloss by whitening lightning.




Evaluate who’s on your team. Who are you giving your time and attention to? Are they building you up or tearing you down? Follow my journey my diary readers BeautyBeyondFashion_


Fashion My Look

Forever 21: Skirt, tank, heels

Once upon a skirt: Clutch

Luxury For Princess: Extensions (Promo Code:Yessenia)

Whitening Lightning: Nude (Promo Code: Yessenia)

21HM_Boutique: Bracelet (Promo Code: Yessenia)

Coco Fashion: Wrap around


  1. Your hair always looks so Gorgeous.. Love the look as always barbie. Xo

  2. I love this outfit but I totally want to wrap you up in a blanket! I’m cold just looking at you. You worked it and got some AMAZING shots despite the snowy background! Honestly, I think the snow kind of added to the fairy tale vibe and the red popped more against the white backdrop. Love, love!!

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