About Yessenia Ramos


A day in my world only belongs to you my Diary. I’m filled with the little ones attention.  Yes a mommy of two can only mean double the trouble.   Now a days I only search for unconditional friendships and love. Diary as you knows I’m only 25 years young and see myself in the mirror as my own inventor.  From head to toe I adjust the apparel to my daily events.  I could only reminisce on the medical Assistant days, to today writing countless hours on my beloved obsession with my Fashion.  I go from feeling under dressed and just by adding a pop of color and making a rainy day look like it’s a summer wonderland.  A bottle is ideal for the little ones.  As you know my Dear Diary for me are my lipsticks and shoes.  This is my fashion bybel for all my diary readers.

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