Happy Easter🐰 with Luxury For Princess

My day was filled with laughter and great memories. I was very happy to wake up Easter morning to a hyper 5-year-old. My son Jayden was super excited to go Easter hunting at his auntie’s house. Jayden was thrilled for the amazing afternoon that was planned for him and his little brother. I swear having boys in my world only means a workout. I don’t need a gym I have my cuties to run after.

Glam time at the Perez household means getting ready for a picture perfect moment. The boys were ready to see bunnies and tackle the eggs. As a glam mommy I styled the boys for a comfortable brunch. As parents we knew that we had to prep for a long day. Comfort is a great way to keep them happy.  I was very chic and casual I wanted to combine bright colors to create a perfect look. As for hair and makeup naturally glamorous is always eye-catching. My new Luxury For Princess extensions can only add a picturesque glow. I swear this mommy loves a great summer wave. Luxury For Princess has made me fall in love with quality and to be honest my readers I’m in love.

Soft and perfect are great descriptions for my new Butterscotch locks. I ran around hunting for Easter eggs in style with my new-found love with Luxury For Princess. Make sure to follow them and you won’t regret listening to this Glam Mommy, follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_

Fashion My Look:

Luxury For Princess: Hair extensions/ Mandee: Komono/ Charlotte Russe: Jeans/ Forever21: Shoes, Tank

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