Private Party For The Exclusive Designer Adolfo Sanchez

Oh Dear Diary, I attended the private birthday party for the exclusive designer Adolfo Sanchez.  I was part of the fantastic chic celebration at the Parlor in NYC.  Celebrating a designer’s birthday comes with fashion and unpretentious artist. Many love Adolfo and Adolfo allows everyone into his world of extreme fantasy.  I loved the laughs and most of the great memories.  Adolfo came with his beautiful model that modeled his great designs throughout the party.  While his beautiful friend Elizabeth Marte mingled dressed from head to toe by Adolfo Sanchez.   Celebrations are done every second, but Adolfo celebrates triumph with his fulfilling accomplishments.

Humble is not a quality that everyone can have.  Some people are not meant to be genuine but this creative soul of Adolfo is priceless. This mommy wishes him nothing but the best in todays present days and in his future glorification.  Happy birthday! To my new friend.

My diary readers, celebrate big, smile bright, and reveal your dreams in the highest platform.  Never settle always try to build the right foundation that will allow you to create your ideas.  Bring happiness into your home and leave the unwanted out the door.

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