Posche Fashion Show

Happy Friday my dollsūüíč I attended the VIP Posche Boutique Soir√©e at the Venetian restaurant on Wednesday. ¬†I was thrilled to see the amazing designs that included fabulosity.¬† The designers styled mommy and me looks that I totally gravitated to. ¬†I feel in love with the quality that every designer showcased. ¬†The gorgeous adult models glazed through the runway and the younger girls were stunning. ¬†If there was anything that was beautiful throughout the night it had to be those young beauties. ¬†Fashion has quality and these designers made a new mark.

Teresa Giudice also attended the great soirée in company of her gorgeous makeup artist Priscilla Distasio.  Teresa held a book signing that brought every women and young girl together.  The books were up for sale Skinny Italian, Fabulicious and Fabulicious.  Teresa also posed with her tasteful wine Fabellini! No man was excluded everyone caught a glimpse of her.  The trend of the night included the famous selfies and she posed kindly.  Teresa is one of our favorite moms on television so on this night she looked fabulous.  Despite Teresa’s reality life situation she posed with a smile.  Teresa was very cordial and cheerful to meet her fans.

I was in great company by the beauty Justina Velentine, Derek Zagami, Hailey Glassman and off course the man who holds me down Rogers Perez.  We danced and enjoyed the night with Justina’s astounding performance.  I was fashionable in my gorgeous romper.  Details coming soon follow my journey Instagram: BeautyBeyondFashion_

Featured Stories: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/03/teresa-giudice-cash-only-book-signing-avoid-paper-trail-tax-fraud-speculation/

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